A Comprehensive Guide to Startup Success

DARe Micro Bootcamp

Graduates Mastering Coding Skills

AITI Coding.bn

Empowering Start-ups with Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Tech Immersion

Empowering Brunei's Entrepreneurial Landscape

Golden Equator

Exceeding Customer Service through Mystery Shopping


Igniting HR Potential to fuel Brunei's Human Capital Development

INITIATE Human Capital Summit 2021 & 2022

Fueling Social Cohesion Insights in Brunei with BlackBox collaboration for NTU Singapore


Enhancing Customer Banking Experience through Insightful Research Solutions

Banking: Digital and ESG Elements

Powering Businesses for Brunei's Success in the Entrepreneurial Landscape

DARe Validate Pilot Programme

Igniting Business Potential to Launch Market-Ready Solutions in Brunei

Brunei December Festival 2021

Building a Transformative Tech Solution

Coding Conquest - MYCE 2021 Workshop

Nurturing Diverse Talents, Fueling Innovation for the Future

Hackathon for Teens

Youth Empowerment Through Coding and Environmental Awareness

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