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  • Category: Entertainment
  • Project date: 08 Nov, 2022

Online Shopping Survey

Click, click, click. It's time to online shop.

Our survey of 47 respondents has shown that 98% of the respondents are using online shopping; with 70% shopping on a monthly basis; 9% on a yearly and weekly basis respectively; while 4% on a daily basis. More so, this survey has concluded that the most used websites are Zalora and Shoppee with 15% each, while Shein came as a close second with 13%. Not only that, social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are also being used by 19% of the respondents. This can be supported by a report which stated that 76% of the population in Brunei relies on the internet to buy and sell products (AITI, July 2018). 

In this survey, it can be seen that 34% usually shop for clothings; 21% for beauty products such as skin care and cosmetics; and 9% for food and electronic goods respectively. Not stopping here, other items such as flight tickets, in-app purchases for game materials, softwares and household products are also being purchased online. 

Although this survey shows 62% satisfaction with their overall shopping experiences, more respondents prefer the traditional way of shopping in the physical stores rather than being online. 32% stated this is due to the internet hacking and scammer issues as bank account hijacks, personal data leakage, card fraud and online theft are possible to happen; while 23% worries of receiving wrong items or measurements. Other concerns include transaction issues, different currency exchange rates, shipping issues to Brunei Darussalam and the no refund policies.