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  • Category: Food and Beverages
  • Project date: 02 Nov, 2022

Instant Noodles Eating Habits.

Is it really Bruneian go to meals?

In our survey of 23 participants, results have shown that 96% enjoys instant noodles, with the highest vote of 47% for Maggie brand as their most favorite. The main reason for this is due to its 2 minutes easy and fast meal preparation. More so, one can get creative by adding condiments and toppings of their choice.

Nonetheless, despite 83% knowing that instant noodles are bad for health, 35% of the participants believe that the best time to have instant noodles are for their mid night snacking; while another 38% would have at random times when they crave for it; and 22% would opt for instant noodles during their meal times.