Grominda Sdn Bhd | Fast Food Face Off

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  • Category: Food and Beverages
  • Project date: 26 Aug, 2021

Fast Food Face Off

Who won? - well it depends what you’re looking for  

According to Brunei’s Food and Beverage Index 2021 1st Quarter from the Department of Economic Planning and Statistics (DEPS), Fast food restaurants has shown a slow climb Brunei. So, our team decided to investigate further on how much Bruneian consumers has grown back their love of fast food. With a result of around 150 people, we found more than half eat fast food on a weekly basis. Among the popular fast-food franchises (Jolibee, KFC and McDonalds) 53.5% of participants admits their favourite fast-food chain – Jollibee. However, McDonalds was chosen to have the best variety of food by 45%. Whilst KFC was voted the best meal combo by 30 %.