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  • Category: Travel
  • Project date: 22 Nov, 2022

Travel Survey

Time to pack your bags and go!

Traveling around the world is such a beautiful experience. It can make one appreciate others’ culture, history, socio-economics and politics. This can be supported in our survey of 37 respondents where Malaysia (16%) was voted as their most favorite country to travel to; while the United Kingdom and Singapore came second with 14% respectively. 42% are excited to discover new experiences; meet new people with different backgrounds as well as to be in a different atmosphere and scenery. More so, they noted that the anticipation started in the airport as the idea of “airport feels” is a feeling of being away, knowing that in a few hours, they will be in a different setting. In addition to this, 19% of the respondents love the freedom that can be obtained from traveling. This includes having their time alone and space, not being able to do usual activities such as cooking at home and going to work, as well as the ability to bond with their loved ones.