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  • Category: Entertainment
  • Project date: 15 Nov, 2022

The Apple vs Android Phone Battle.

Is one better than the other?

In our survey of 87 respondents; with 56% Apple users and 44% Android users, we have concluded that Android users (52%) would want to change to Apple. On the other hand, only 38% of the Apple users are willing to change to Android, while 62% of them prefer to stay with Apple. 

There are various reasons for the statement above. As more than half of the Android users would want to change to Apple due to its popularity, its hardware components and good software, they are also influenced by Apple’s features and functions such as its ability to synchronize with other Apple devices. Nonetheless, 49% of Android users favor staying because they are comfortable with their phones and believe that it would be difficult for them to catch up and learn the Apple products. Some also noted that Android is ahead of iOS in terms of its accessibility in the forms of modification, battery longevity, in-app purchases, affordability and flexibility. 

Furthermore, Apple users who would opt for Android are mainly due to the user-friendly experiences. For instance, Android’s long battery life, free music for ringtones and notifications, their affordability and better camera quality in certain Android phones. In addition to this, some also stated that once new iPhone models are released, the older ones are considered as “outdated” and unable to update to the latest iOS. However, the majority still decides to continue with Apple due to Apple’s ecosystem, camera quality, design, Apple’s up to date features and virus detection, its seamless link with all other Apple devices, security and durability as well as apps availability.