Grominda Sdn Bhd | Nasi Katok Survey.

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Project information

  • Category: Food and Beverages
  • Project date: 28 Jul, 2021

Nasi Katok Survey.

Brunei’s love affair with Nasi Katok.

Nasi Katok is considered the Bruneian’s go-to for affordable yet filling dishes for as low as a $1 per packet whether for lunch or late-night snack. Its popularity is reflected in our findings, in our survey of over 120 participants, we found 92% Of participants like Nasi Katok with 55% picking sambal as their favourite part if the well-loved dish. Nasi Katok Campur (mixed) was helmed as their preferred choice with 45 votes however Nasi Katok with sambal pedas (spicy) was a close second with 43 participants.