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Provide Human-centered Solutions from Brunei.

Our Services - Create a Connection with Your Consumers.

At Grominda, we use a variety of research methods to gather this infromation, to help the development of your "touch-point" with consumers such as communication, marketing activity, product and propositions and advertisement.


Using our growing database, we match you to a consumer profile. Where we will facilitate, record and deliver an accurate look into your consumers’ live experiences.


Collect feedback and insight from your audience to ensure products/service meets performance and expectations.

Market Research and Analysis

Analyse and understand external and internal factors of the industry to form human-centered solutions.

We Do The Research For You

We understand our clients require customisation based on their specific needs and goals.
Therefore, we have created curated packages to ensure they are met. Price is based on scope of work – Contact us to find out more

About us

Brunei’s Consumer Insight and Research Provider.

An organisation that helps businesses gain an understanding of their target market through consumer insight (consumer research), we echo the thoughts and experiences of the consumer through our various research methods; from social experimentation to focus groups. We ensure our clients receive rounded data that will impact and consult the decision-making from a wide range of areas.

How We Have Served Our Clients

Semi Goverment Body

Aid in the expansion of their marketing strategy, by identifying target audience's shift in communication preferences, examine patterns of behavior, and marketing opportunities.

Talent Management

Identified gaps of knowledge and skills between job seekers and the tech industry to spotlight the demand for technology-based programmes for human capital development that adheres with industry demands.

Venture Capital Group

Collected insight to the entrepreneurial landscape from origins, challenges and external factors into shaping the current and inspiring entrepreneurs.

Market Research Firm

Conducted fieldwork about social cohesion and community togetherness in South East Asia.

Our Portfolio

Quirky Data

Snapshots of the everyday Brunei consumer.

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Social Media Survey.


Travel Survey


The Apple vs Android Phone Battle.


Online Shopping Survey


Instant Noodles Eating Habits.

Food and Beverages

Fast Food Face Off

Food and Beverages

Locals Amusement with Amusement Park


Nasi Katok Survey.

Food and Beverages

Join Our Insight

Be a part of the innovation by having your voice, opinions and experiences be compensated from companies that value you. By registering, Grominda will notify you when an opportunity to share strikes.

Why local businesses need your voice

Whether you are at a line at a bank that asks for your experience on a survey, acting as a mystery shopper or a server at a restaurant asking about your experience so far...

Your Research Doesn’t Need To End Here.

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