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Why local businesses need your voice

Your opinion is more than a piece of paper to checkboxes on.   

Whether you are at a line at a bank that asks for your experience on a survey, acting as a mystery shopper or a server at a restaurant asking about your experience so far, businesses are always finding ways to understand you a little better. Although your mind may think of it as a hassle, there is a deeper meaning as to why businesses need your voice. 

Here’s why:   

  1. Your feedback helps solve product issues/service and improve  

In general, your feedback is telling businesses whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with a product and the overall experience they had. It paints a picture to businesses on not only the good things about the product but the flaws as well. Especially for local businesses in Brunei where they are likely to launch a product with little market research data, so your voice could help guide the direction of these businesses and how they could improve further.   

  1. The outside-in perspective helps businesses develop “you”-centric ideas  

A unique aspect of local businesses is that it's run by people, not algorithms or statistics. Providing your thoughts and experiences may help them work creatively to deliver something of value for you rather than just focus on numbers. Integrating an outsider’s perspective delves deeper into the problems and questions you’re facing in life and how businesses can help.  

  1. It shows the businesses care and value you as a customer  

It shows you that businesses are actively trying to listen. A simple question to know if you are happy or (unhappy) with their service helps shapes the trajectory of their development. Without your voice, they may run their businesses aimlessly without any feedback on how to improve themselves.  


Interested to participate?   

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